Hunting Tie-Downs

Hunting Tie-Downs

At we strive for excellence. We create, sew, sublimate, and design all forms of straps with webbing and hardware. When it comes to hunting, most hunters will buy the standard "Cookie-Cutter" gear at top price, including tie downs, straps, and hangers.

Here at Strapworks we can help you develop and design your own custom gear ranging from ratchet straps for holding down your haul, to printing on webbing.


Strapworks' Hunting straps are custom made. An order and design is required by Strapworks for completing of the project. Ratchet straps are ideal for tying down heavy loads. We carry cam straps which can be used and adjusted to hold and hang your bounty. Strapworks also makes military grade rifle slings, and sell these to (but not limited to) the US Military Forces. Rifle Slings are fully adjustable, and can be customized through our Sublimation process.

Sublimation is a kind of "tattoo" for the webbing, where solid ink is vaporized, and permeates and stains the webbing fiber. We carry a line of camo patterns ready in stock, ranging from Arctic to Jungle, and everything in between. Email our Custom Dept. for your printed camouflage needs.

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